Stop the Time for a Dreamy Escape!


ʺTimeless Kartepeʺ acts with the aim of providing a peaceful family environment to its employees and guests.

Never giving up on our quality service principle for the satisfaction of our guests; We act with the aim of being the first address of timeless happiness and peace, as in our name, with our environmentally friendly, friendly and hospitable services that protect nature and animals.


Our Priority: To provide the best service to our guests by working hand in hand with nature, with the principle of using nature by preserving the happiness and peace that our guests seek, not by consuming it.

It is our hotel's responsibility to ensure the satisfaction of our guests in terms of service and quality.

Our Main Purpose: To get our guests away from the busy pace of life for a bit and to bring them to timeless happiness and peace.

ʺTimeless Kartepeʺ is to gain the loyalty of our guests who are far from the eyes but take a place in the hearts, to bring them that happiness that comes timeless again and to host them in the best way.

Services We Offer

Heated Pool

A Unique Nature

Barbecue & Grill


Timeless Cafe